Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Did I Do Without Them?

So, I'm currently having a garage sale. I've been having so much fun watching Tatton be a salesman, which inspired me to jot down a few things about each of the kids' unique personalities. Going by birth order:

Lane- is such a great big brother (a job he takes very seriously.) He is also an incredibly creative young man (I started to type kid, but he has become more of a young man, I must admit.) He loves writing science / fantasy fiction stories and drawing. His passion is video games and the computer. We have to force him to unplug himself from technology. He says that he wants to make video games when he grows up. One of my favorite things about Lane is that he has a really good sense of right and wrong & I enjoy having conversations with him as he can discuss issues very maturely for his age. Sometimes he has a hard time understanding why adults have such a hard time making good choices when everything is so black and white to him. With that in mind, he has been very interested in politics this election year and has some interesting opinions regarding the candidates and their respective parties. Lane has Obcessive Compulsive Disorder and Tourette's (which I hesitate to include since I hate to use a medical condition as part of my definition of him) but it really is such a huge part of his life that I think it's worth mentioning. I think that it has been a blessing for him in a lot of ways despite the difficulties. For starters, he is very caring and is always the first one to sympathize with people since he understands what it's like to struggle. Quite often, I have jumped to conclusions about people or been judgemental and Lane has reminded me to be kinder and more understanding. He is also really health concious and it's important to him that I keep lots of fruits & veggies in the house. If I make less healthy foods too often I can expect to be nagged. I know Lane doesn't like being the oldest child, but I think he is the perfect first child since he is such a fantastic example for his siblings and his naturally cautious personality makes him so great at watching out for them. I think we're all so blessed to have Lane.

Tatton- is one of those guys who always has something to say and has an opinion on everything. I can't figure out whether he's right brained or left brained considering that he's both incredibly verbal and literate & great with numbers. He is fantastic at money management and when we go to the store he adds up the cost of everything in his head and can always tell you how much it's going to cost right down to the tax. He likes to be frugal and loves a good deal, which is hard for him to come by considering that he thinks almost everything is unnecessary. He keeps telling me that he doesn't want me to waste so much money on clothes & toys, etc. for him. The one thing that he does like me to spend money on is books. He LOVES collecting books and has been reading at least one thick chapter book a day during summer break. Tatton has a tendency to be lazy. He can't stand to let his mind rest, but he demands a lot of rest for his body. He has several things that he wants to be when he grows up, but none of them involve too much manual labor. Right now he's gravitating between being a lawyer, a chef, and a professor. Surprisingly, as much as Tatton loves to read, he HATES writing. So, I'm always trying to find ways to make him learn to enjoy it more (writing's a big part of the 4th grade WASL after all.) I'm so thankful to get to see the world through Tatton's eyes as he makes everything more animated & interesting for all of us.

Russell- has an iron will. Once he is determined to do something nothing will stop him. He enjoys nothing more than working hard & is a perfectionist who prides himself on a job well done. Russell is really athletic and throws a mean spiral. He would probably be even better at sports if the poor kid could see. He wears some pretty thick glasses. Right now we're anxiously awaiting his replacement pair to come in as he's broken his other pairs (again.) I forget how bad his sight really is until times like this when he doesn't have his glasses. Yesterday, we went to Walmart and there were these ladies with two toddlers on those leash things. He asked why there were dogs in the store. I told him that they were kids and he squinted his eyes up and shook his head, "NO. Those are dogs, Mom." Cracks me up. Poor blind kid. Russell wants to work with his dad when he grows up. He loves the heavy equipment more than any of our other kids and enjoys riding along on deliveries in the low-boy. Probably 'cause he thinks it's "manly". Russell loves all things macho. When he was 3 he was watching Bambi and he announced that he wanted to go hunting. He doesn't love living at the park, because to him it's a deterrent to us living where he really wants to live- a farm. Probably such a mom thing to say, but I think Russell is just an all around good, easy to raise kid and I appreciate his good attitude & hope he stays this awesome forever.

Brooke- Last but not least is our princess. Not unlike the Princess & The Pea she is one extremely sensitive girl. She refuses to wear anything that isn't comfortable which means almost everything in her wardrobe is 100% cotton and stretchy and tagless (sweat pants and t-shirt dresses are her faves.) She prefers to keep her hair bobbed just below her chin because it's easier that way and she loves Junie B. Jones books. She gets eczema and a stuffy nose when she has dairy products, but she begs for macaroni & cheese and cheetos. Brooke has the luxury of having nice big brothers who indulge her bossiness and she pretty much rules the roost and dictates which games they play. She is also the type of girl who gets attached very quickly and loves very deeply. She draws pictures of herself with her friends and family & writes "I love you so much" and "best friends forever" on them. She cried for 2 weeks before the end of school and 2 more weeks after it ended because she loved Mrs. Stein so much and didn't want her kindergarten year to come to a close. Brooke doesn't like things that are TOO girly. She's not a total tomboy, but I think when you have 3 big brothers you learn to be cautious about choosing pink over blue. She strikes a balance by doing things like wearing her earrings but making sure she has her hair covering them so she's not "too cute" and playing games like house but having a cool career like being a secret agent or firefighter on the game. She brings her baby dolls to me and says, "Mom? Can you babysit? I have to go fight the bad guys."

Well, that's a little bit about my kids. Most of you know all this already, but I figured I would write it all down for posterity's sake since I'm sure they won't be like this forever.

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