Monday, August 11, 2008

Botox, Baby!

So... my daughter apparently watches too much TV. How else can you explain what happened earlier? Her jaw & neck have been really bothering her from her surgery so I gave her some Tylenol in a syringe type measuring dispenser. What does she do with it? She comes up to me, frowns in concentration as she comes in to look at my brow wrinkle and sticks the syringe on to my wrinkle and squirts Tylenol on it. Clearly, I could have stopped her before she got me sticky with grape flavored acetaminophen. I was just fascinated as to what she was doing / thinking though. I asked her why she did that and she said, "You just needed a little Botox, Baby." LOL
Unfortunately, my wrinkle is still there. I am happy to still be able to move my face though. Gotta "express myself".

We finally went to the fair this weekend. I was bummed all week 'cause I felt like we were missing something huge. Between Brooke's surgery and Dustin's stomach flu we just weren't up to it. Finally, we loaded up the troops and made a day of it. In the rain. With Dustin's stomach still upset. And Brooke running a low grade fever. And me having a migraine and excruciatingly painful ovaries that make me feel nauseus. (Not that you NEEDED to know that.) What a bunch of grouchy people we were. I can't remember ever having this little fun at the fair. I'd like to think that the boys had fun though. I feel like this summer has been such a disappointment to them. I couldn't bear the thought of missing out on yet another tradition / memory. They simply had to pig out on greasy, sugary, salty food and go on rides until they were green. I just know that they're already going to be the kids that stare blankly and answerless when asked, "What did you do this summer?"

BTW, I'm loving You can find practically anything on there! For FREE! I'm shocked at some of the things people are giving away. I got a used computer system for the kids to play their cd-roms on so I can have my computer to myself. I found Brooke a bunkbed, although I need to go look at it before I know if I want it for sure. That's the only problem I've found is that since everything's used it isn't necessarily in perfect condition. But FREE! That's my kind of price.

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  1. Just so hilarious that she would say that! That shows a real gift for practical application, don't you think? She sees, she understands, she acts. You should be a proud mother.