Monday, October 6, 2008

Super Cool Contest!!! (Because It's Cheaper Than Therapy)

I've had blog block this week. I've never understood how anyone could get writer's block. My problem has always been trying to hold the flood of words in my head from spilling out in excess. This week, I finally experienced the feeling of wanting to write something and drawing a blank. Craziness. It's not that there weren't things that I wanted to talk about. There were LOTS of things I wanted to blab about, in fact. The only way that I could even fathom sharing those things was if I changed the names to protect the "innocent" and I'm pretty sure all of my readers are too smart for that. What's the point of changing names when all of your friends & family are such smart cookies that they'll figure it out anyway? It stinks 'cause I love blogging (it's cheaper than therapy) but unlike real therapy (where you are protected by confidentiality laws) this sort of blabbing involves the WORLD WIDE web.

Now, I personally don't have a whole lot to work with in the boundaries department. Supposedly, it's not very psychologically healthy to be ready, willing, & able to tell your whole life story to perfect strangers in the grocery store line. That's just the way I roll though. So, if the only thing I blogged about was me, myself, and I there would be no blog block. Unfortunately, most of the really juicy, great for retelling sort of stuff in my life involves other people who are slightly more private than I am. I thought about getting them all to sign coyly worded consent forms allowing me the freedom to disclose their life stories, but you know, they're smart cookies too and I don't think they would fall for it. Anyway, I'm pretty sure using the dirt you have on other people for blog fodder is breaking the less than well known 11th commandment.

So... what DO I write about when the only things I've had on my mind would be way too incriminating for certain individuals? I don't want to fall back on to the safe subjects like my daughter's stubbornness or my trying to lose weight or even how badly I want a baby even though I have self-imposed infertility. I CAN'T write about any one's love lives, brushes with the law, or hilariously embarrassing mishaps that we snicker about behind their backs and cross our fingers that karma doesn't come back to bite us in the rear for laughing about it. Furthermore, I don't really care to touch politics or religion. Not because they're taboo so much as the fact that I'm so on the fence about what I think that you would think that I was the politician talking in circles. When I know what I think you'll be the first to know. So, here's the deal... you throw some ideas my way and I'll reward the creative genius who comes up with the best blog subject with a mystery prize. Believe me, if I can get "Hannah Montana" to send a surprise gift to my daughter, I can send a little sumpin sumpin your way! The contest is open until midnight Pacific Mountain time on Friday. On your marks, get set, GO!!!


  1. I can finally leave a comment! The site was having problems before. Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm an excellent stalker too. I've already added you to my Reader.

    How about writing about why Miley Cyrus is the product of Satan?

  2. First, I SO want to read all the juicy stories you COULD tell. I write about who I want. Obviously if it's a secret or something, no, but most of my people I see day to day, don't bother (HOW RUDE!) to read my blog, so I feel safe in talking about them. But I did post my blog addy on Facebook, so for some stories i will have to make up cute nicknames, so I don't get in trouble with some ward members who are "Molly Mormon-ish"....ughh.

    Hmmm, well I just saw ANOTHER commercial on erectile dysfunction (EW TMI!!) so you could broach why they should STOP showing this crap on tv...thats what visiting your doctor is for!!

    Or why the breakup *sob* (rolling my eyes really) of Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas is a travesty of Britney & Justin proportions!!

    Ohh there's another. Britney much to say you could be set for a month at least!

  3. Natalie, I had to come and visit again, since you came and visited me, and I will gladly give my favorite things to read about are the funny stories about the kids. They don't even have to be current ones. They can even be memories of your life growing up? Go back and think of other things that have happened and then (if you are doing what I am) you can one day publish this to a journal and have a broader spectrum of things to include. Maybe stories about grandma or anything you can remember. Anyway, good luck. Kerry