Sunday, October 12, 2008


   I'm feeling very nostalgic this afternoon. I'm not sure why. I decided to make a digital scrapbook of some of my favorite Halloween memories. The kids are SO MUCH bigger now than even just last Halloween. Scary stuff. Brooke has already started making plans for when she moves out of our house. :-(   We were riding in the car the other day and she told me (again) that she won't be living with me when she's a grown up. Her main motivator? "Girls that live with their parents are fat." Where does she get this stuff? I'm kinda concerned that she worries about the whole fat thing too much for a 6 year old.

 Of course, the other day she was self-concious about her teeth too. She told me, "Mom, I really do have horse teeth. They're too thick like horse teeth are, but they're only midget horse teeth 'cause they're shorties. They're  short & chubby baby horse teeth."  Who knew you could use the words "horse teeth" so many times in only 3 sentences?

Oh, and you should have heard her trying to explain why I shouldn't be upset with her for being awake WAY past her bed time. It sounded like this: "I'm the kind of person who's body just does whatever it wants to. I can't control it, so you can't be mad at me. Just be mad at my body, but not my head. My head is mad at my body too, but I'm not the kinda person who can just make myself go to sleep even if I want to. If my body doesn't want to sleep only God can force it to. I can't force myself to sleep, you know, 'cause I'm not that kinda person."  She really does just babble on and on repeating variations of the same phrases all the time. It cracks me up. I swear she didn't even know how to talk like... yesterday. Now she never stops. Where did the last 6 years go and are the next 6 going to fly by as quickly? I hope not!

 Then, the other day my friend Jenny and I were talking about what our kids prefer to sleep in (because her adorable son Niall was here for a sleepover with Russell) and it reminded me of what Tatton used to sleep in. You see, Tatton decided that he wasn't getting a good nights sleep due to always waking up cold after he kicked the blankets off. He decided it would be best to start getting dressed for school the night before and wearing a coat to bed. To him, this was an ingeniusly effecient plan since he was saving time in the AM and staying consistently warm. I let him do his thing and just chuckled at the way his cute little mind worked & never gave it a second thought. That is, until I went to foster parent certification classes and there was a chunk of class devoted to "what to expect when you're expecting foster kids" as in what problem behaviours were common. They made a big deal out of how a lot of foster kids "prefer to sleep in their clothes instead of pajamas". The reasons that they listed off (being homeless, being sexually abused, having become accustomed to unpredictability/ the need to pick up & run at a moments notice all made sense) but I still felt a little defensive about the sleeping in a coat thing. I didn't want people to just assume that there was something "wrong" if they found out that Tatton slept fully clothed including a coat. LOL  Now, he's a sleeping in boxers man and it seems kind of sad that this is just a memory to be pulled out of the archives for a good chuckle.

Anyway... just thinking. Wow, they're growing up fast. Lane keeps talking to me about how concerned he is about the economy and his views on Obama's health plan and of course, whether or not shaving will help his peach fuzz grow in thicker. *sigh*


  1. Love the digital scrapbook. I've been seeing them all over the place lately.

    And thanks for your pro-Angelina words. :)

  2. Brooke = hilarious. Again. And I am so glad you threw in the story of Tatton sleeping in his coat. It's just such a Tatton-y thing to do!

    And you're right, they are growing up way too fast. When Lane actually does start shaving, it will be a sad day:(

  3. Love the digital scrapbook, great job! Isn't it so fun?

  4. There are few things I love more than a child who thinks outside the box.

  5. thanks for stopping by my little bloggy!
    i'm adding you to my reader so i can stalk you right back. =)
    btw.....your kids are adorable!

  6. Hey he might have just thought the concept MADE sense! Kids are quirky like that!!

  7. I love reading about your kids. They are going to love this journal when they are older. I love your new look also. I have tried to change mine, but still can't figure out how! I am seriously getting bored with it though.

  8. Thanks for posting...maybe we should do as Annie suggested on her blog and have a yard sale and go cruising! I'm always up for a little cruising...

  9. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. Your digital scrapbook is really cute! I'm glad to know there are more women out there who have lost their husbands to video games!

  10. My daughter had her 14th birthday party yesterday. I started tearing through all the old digital photo folders to make a digital slideshow, but I got so overcome with ghosts from the past. My kids were sooo cute and small and cute and sweet and small and innocent and small. Where have they gone? I'm getting choked up about it.

    And my daughter is a skinny gorgeous super model bean pole, but she thinks she's gross and ugly and gigantic. It's sooo pathetic.

    Anyway, feel your pain.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and dropping the word rape. ;)

    You're a cute writer!

  11. Oh I loved this post and your slide show. I thought it was just being a typical thing and not related to foster children when he wanted to sleep fully clothed. My kids want to do it, and they aren't fostered nor are they treated like fostered children.
    AT times they look like they haven't a mother when they chose to put their own outfits together.