Monday, June 23, 2008

My Children Want To Change the World One Toothbrush At a Time

Okay, I now know that my children are officially mine. Sure, I remember the morning sickness and labor. I see that Tatton has my teeth and Russell has my eyes. The stamp that sealed the deal though was when they came together to create a "forum" to get rid of toothpaste in our household. Now, I know that children all over America are probably lobbying right now to skip the brushing part of their day. My kids don't want to stop brushing their teeth though. They simply want to make an informed decision to switch to baking soda.

As Tatton puts it, "Toothpaste has so many chemicals in it that it should be illegal and we're putting it in our MOUTHS!" Cracks me up. He really thought this through too, considering that he pointed out that we have a prescription for fluoride from the dentist so they wouldn't be missing out on flouride by skipping toothpaste altogether. He told me that baking soda is cheaper and that the box that the baking soda comes in is more enviromentally friendly than the toothpaste tubes. I totally agreed with all of this.

I had to mention one small detail though: baking soda doesn't taste so good. His response? "We can deal with it." And they have. They've been brushing their teeth more now than they did when we were using their kid-friendly bubble mint concoction. (New things are always more fun no matter how nasty they taste, I guess.) The one problem that Tatton has found is that he now feels the need to be the "spitting" police and watches his younger siblings like a hawk to make sure they don't swallow too much baking soda. He's worried about their sodium levels. Yep, these eccentric, paranoid, clutzy but with a brain full of trivia children are officially mine.

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