Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ahhh- sweet accomplishment

So, I am so proud to say that I actually got a lot done today. I mean, stuff that shows & that counts for something. Case in point: my car is clean. Shocking, sweet victory. I was so excited when I accomplished that this morning that I was trying to come up with an excuse to go through random drive-thrus. Bank? Fast food? Hmmm.... where can I show this off? It still has a vague smell like penicillin so I definitely need to shampoo it, but it is sparkly. :-) The sad thing is that my kids are super excited about this. What kind of mother has her kids nagging her to clean the car? My poor children! Tatton kept reminding me how much damage something as small as a tissue box can do when projectile. (Darn Myth Busters!) "Mommmm- All this clutter is SO dangerous. What's gonna happen to us if you slam on the brakes with these books in the car?" Yes, son....

We sold Brooke's slide bed tonight and so I've been deep cleaning her room to prepare for her "more mature makeover". That's what she is calling it. She was throwing a royal fit about selling her bed, although she never used it and it took up so much space that we couldn't fit much else in there. I told her that we needed to sell it to make room for a new big girl room now that she is 6 and "so mature." (Hey, she fell for it.) I think I've created a monster though, because now she's all into surfing the web for new bedding & stuff. We found out Pottery Barn has an interactive build-a-bed option and she's spent hours trying to figure out which sheets compliment her favorite quilts. Which by the way... I think are ugly. Can you believe my daughter is only six and we're already butting heads over our conflicting tastes? It kind of cracks me up.

And in other news.... Brooke's surgery is Tuesday. I'm actually really excited for it. I'm sure she'll feel (and look) so much better. I'm glad that Kyla talked me into calling a different doctor & that he was able to get her in so much sooner. Her original appointment just for the initial consultation wasn't until August 21st and here she is able to get the surgery done on August 5th (at a better hospital I might add.) Hopefully she comes through it as well as we expect since the fair starts the next day and I'd really hate to miss it... Only downfall of this new surgery date.

Lane's soccer has started already. I'm so mean. I think it's hilarious that his coach has them practicing so hard. Lane tried to tell me that he couldn't go to practice tonight because his legs were still too sore from yesterday's two hours of drills. The more he whined the more excited I was to send him out there to run his butt off. I promised him a protein shake when he gets home to help his sore muscles get buff. LOL He doesn't realize it's WAY better than the military school I've been threatening them. ;-)

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